Thailand Travel Vaccination recommended for Tourists

ourists who want to travel the world safely should acquire the necessary vaccinations, as they are vital to the safety and health of their excursions, particularly for the elderly and those with chronic illnesses. Vaccines can also reduce the likelihood that deadly diseases will spread within families and across society.

For instance, Thailand is one of the rabies-endemic countries, which is mostly reported in stray dogs. That is why Thailand still require some preventative vaccines, particularly in light of the ongoing worldwide pandemic. It is important for tourists to get vaccinations of a high standard that are also recognized on a national level. This will allow them to remain healthy during their travels and lead to a pleasant experience overall.

WellMed Bangkok Clinic has conducted expert research on travel vaccinations. We provide a variety of travel immunisation packages as well as care for travellers’ general health. These are examples of recommended vaccinations for all travelers.

1. Rabies vaccine

Since rabies-infected animals are common in Thailand, our clinic offers rabies vaccinations to those who have been bitten or scratched by dogs or other mammals. Tourists in distant locations, urban areas, and children are more likely to be at risk for rabies. Since rabies is a fatal disease, most travelers should consider immunization.

2. Dengue vaccine

Immunizations to individuals who had been ill with dengue fever in the past
will provide significant immunity against other strains of dengue.
This will benefit travelers who stay around mosquito-infested places
such as large cities, farms, and dense forests.

*Remark: People who never had a dengue infection in the past (or are not sure) should consult with their doctor before getting the vaccine.

3. Japanese Encephalitis vaccine

Another virus that spread through the bite of an infected mosquito. The vaccine is recommended for travellers who stay at least one month in Thailand, particularly while travelling to rural areas, places without bed nets or air conditioning, and engaging in activities such as climbing, trekking, or camping in the aforementioned regions. Not advised for urban trips of short duration.

4. Typhoid Fever vaccine

In order to prevent illness and improve the body’s infection-fighting proteins, it is recommended for people who travel and stay in locations where sanitation and hygiene are likely to be inadequate for a prolonged length of time. The recommended interval between booster doses is three years.

5. Tetanus Booster

Tetanus is a serious infection caused by bacteria entering the body via a cut or wound. It is a global phenomenon often found in soil, animal excrement, and rusty objects. Typically, it is advised for youngsters in conjunction with other vaccinations such as diphtheria and polio. It is advised that individuals have a booster injection every ten years.

6. Yellow Fever vaccine

Protect from another mosquito-related disease, yellow fever. Recommended for those travelling to risk areas in Africa and South America. Thailand and most countries require travelers who came from risk areas to have yellow fever vaccination.

The vaccination process involves exposing an individual to minute amounts of disease-causing bacteria or toxins in a manner that is both safe and inactive. This helps protect the individual from contracting the sickness. This makes it possible for the immune system to react to diseases when you contact them in the future; as a result, your body will produce antibodies against those diseases more quickly. So, vaccines are both efficient and reliable, making them an indispensable tool for travelers.

The clinic is anticipated to provide any further information on the vaccines as necessary. Please observe safety precautions, stay safe and don’t forget to get vaccinated!

** Other vaccines are  also available at Wellmed Bangkok Medical Clinic.