Lab Tests

At WellMed Clinic, we offer comprehensive Lab testing services to assess your health and provide valuable insights.

Why Choose WellMed Clinic for Lab Tests?

Our commitment to quality and convenience sets us apart as a leading health check-up center in Bangkok.

  • Comprehensive Tests: We partner with Thai labs to offer an extensive range of standard and specialized Lab tests.
  • Health Check-Up Center: In Bangkok, our Lab tests enhance holistic health assessments, ensuring a comprehensive view of your well-being.
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We provide a one-stop service

With our dedicated laboratory specialist boasting 30 years of experience, patients can simply walk in and have their lab tests done without the need to see a doctor first. Our specialist will provide professional advice and guidance to ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of your test results.

Should you wish to consult with a doctor before or after your lab test, we have a team of full- time doctors available at the clinic. Our doctors are fluent in both English and Thai, ensuring effective communication and personalized care.

Once your lab test results are ready, they will be promptly sent to you via email. Our doctors will provide an explanation of the results to ensure you have a clear understanding of your health status.

For common lab tests, you can expect to receive the results within 1-2 days. However, please note that special lab tests may require additional time for processing; our staff will keep you informed regarding the timing of your results.