Wound care

We offer convenient and specialized care services for wounds in Bangkok for prompt and  professional treatment. 

Comprehensive Care 

We provide comprehensive care for a wide range of wounds, including but not limited to: 

  • Dressing wounds 
  • Stitch removal 
  • Animal bite wounds 
  • Accidental wounds
  • Postoperative wounds
  • Diabetic wounds 
wound care service bangkok

Easy Access 

WellMed Clinic understands the challenges of traveling for wound care. Our conveniently  located clinic offers fast and efficient service, staffed by a team of experienced doctors and  nurses. Receive prompt and quality care without the hassle. Contact us today for your care needs

Most insurance plans include coverage for wound care. At WellMed Clinic, we have  partnered with numerous insurance providers. Please contact us to verify if we are affiliated  with your insurance company. If we are, you can make a direct claim. If we are not, you can  obtain a medical certificate and receipt from our doctor to facilitate the reimbursement  process with your insurance company. 

The price for wound dressing starts at 500 baht for minor wounds. The total cost depends on  factors such as the size and depth of the wound. If the wound is infected, additional  procedures may be required. Our clinic will provide a detailed price breakdown for your  specific wound before proceeding with any treatment. 

We accommodate both appointments and walk-ins for wound care services. However, making an appointment ensures quicker service as our team can assess your wound and  prepare the necessary equipment in advance. By scheduling an appointment, you can receive more efficient and personalized care tailored to your specific needs.