Wound care

Experience effective wound care at Wellmed Clinic in Bangkok, offering expert dressing and stitch removal services

Scope of Service

Our wound care service provides comprehensive and effective treatment for various types of wounds. Our services include:

  • Dressing changes and wound assessments to promote healing and prevent infection
  • Stitch removal for sutured wounds
  • Care for wounds caused by injury, surgery, burns, or other conditions

easily accessible for wounded patients

Wellmed Clinic in Bangkok is located in a convenient and accessible location, making it easy to reach by car (with available parking), taxi, BTS, or MRT. This is especially important for those with foot wounds who may have difficulty traveling.

Our team of experienced and English-speaking registered nurses will ensure you receive the best care for your wounds.

The cost of wound care at Wellmed Clinic depends on the size and complexity of the wound. General wounds start at 500 baht, and the price will be confirmed after a thorough assessment.

While walk-ins are accepted, it is recommended to Book Appointment in advance for faster service.

Coverage of wound care by insurance depends on the specific insurance policy. Wellmed Clinic is a partner with many global insurance companies, making it possible to claim directly with the company. Alternatively, patients may bring their receipt and medical certificate to the clinic to process their insurance claim.