Tetanus + Diphtheria Vaccine

A single Tetanus + Diphtheria Vaccine

A single vaccine can prevent two serious bacterial illnesses, diphtheria and tetanus. At WellMed Bangkok Clinic, we provide the BE Td Tetanus and Diphtheria Vaccine to protect you from diseases. Safe and effective.

Why should you choose to get vaccinated?

  • Diphtheria: This highly contagious respiratory illness can cause difficulty breathing, paralysis, and even death.
  • Tetanus: This painful and potentially fatal illness causes muscle stiffness and spasms throughout the body.
  • Both diseases can strike anyone, regardless of age. Vaccination is the best way to prevent them.

The BE Td vaccine for immunity against both tetanus and diphtheria

The BE Td vaccine is suitable for individuals older than 7 years old and costs 600 Baht per dose. The vaccination schedule has three doses. Administer the first two doses 4-8 weeks apart.

Give the third dose 6-12 months after the second dose. This primary course ensures robust immunity against both tetanus and diphtheria.

After receiving the first immunization, it is important to get booster shots every 10 years. This helps maintain long-lasting immunity and protects against tetanus and diphtheria. Booster shots are necessary to ensure continued protection from these diseases.

Expertise and Care at WellMed Bangkok Clinic

Getting the BE Td vaccine at WellMed Bangkok Clinic is a smart choice. It helps protect you from two serious diseases.

This vaccine is efficient in preventing illness. One way to maintain good health is by getting the BE Td vaccine.

To stay healthy, get the BE Td vaccine. You can schedule an appointment or contact us to learn more about this vaccine. It provides double the protection in just one shot.

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