Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine

Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine in Bangkok

Japanese encephalitis is a mosquito-borne viral infection that can cause inflammation of the brain. While some cases may show mild symptoms or no symptoms at all, it can also lead to severe neurological problems, coma, and even death. Here at WellMed Bangkok Clinic, we offer the IMOJEV vaccine, a safe and effective way to protect yourself against this serious disease.

Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine - WellMed Best Bangkok Clinic

Why Get Vaccinated Against Japanese Encephalitis?

Japanese encephalitis is prevalent in many parts of Southeast Asia, including Thailand. Mosquitoes are the primary carriers of the virus, and anyone spending time outdoors is at risk. Vaccination is the most effective way to prevent this debilitating illness.

The IMOJEV vaccine is recommended for adults and children over 9 months old, particularly those at higher risk:

  • Travelers: Visiting areas with a high risk of Japanese encephalitis, especially Southeast Asia, is a major reason to get vaccinated.
  • People Living in Endemic Areas: Those residing in or frequently visiting areas where the virus is common should strongly consider vaccination.

At WellMed Bangkok Clinic, we understand the importance of travel health and staying protected against preventable diseases. Our healthcare providers can advise you on the appropriate vaccinations for your destination, including IMOJEV for Japanese encephalitis. The vaccine is available for 1,200 baht per dose. A booster dose may be recommended every 5 years for continued protection, especially for those who live in or frequently visit high-risk areas.

Don’t wait to safeguard yourself against Japanese encephalitis. Schedule an appointment or contact WellMed Bangkok Clinic today to learn more about the vaccine and enjoy peace of mind on your travels.

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