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Medical Certificate for Work Permit in Thailand

In order to work in thailand as a foreign worker, you must apply for a work permit. The process of obtaining a work permit in Thailand involves following several important steps, one of which is securing and submitting a medical certificate work permit. 

WellMed Bangkok Clinic,  understands the importance of this document in your application process and are here to make it as straightforward and stress-free as possible.

Medical Certificate Work Permit in Thailand

Why a Medical Certificate is Essential

A medical certificate is a mandatory requirement for all foreigners seeking a work permit in Thailand. This document verifies that the applicant is free from certain diseases and conditions that are considered a risk to public health. And must be renewed every year.

By obtaining this certificate, you demonstrate compliance with Thailand’s health regulations, ensuring a hassle-free application process.

Note that the medical certificate The medical certificate must be issued not more than 1 month before the work permit application submission to certify current health conditions.

Comprehensive Medical Examination

WellMed Bangkok Clinic is a qualified medical clinic where our experienced medical professionals provide comprehensive medical examinations tailored specifically for work permit applications.

The Examination Process

The medical examination for a work permit in Thailand typically includes screening for several specific conditions to meet the regulatory requirements. These conditions include:

The examination involves a general physical check-up and a simple blood test for syphilis. Our doctors will review your medical history and discuss any existing health concerns you may have.

The entire process is designed to be quick and efficient, ensuring you receive your medical certificate in a timely manner.

Convenient and Efficient Service

We understand that time is of the essence, especially when dealing with work permit applications. At WellMed Bangkok Clinic, we prioritize your convenience by offering flexible appointment scheduling and prompt service.

The medical examinations are completed within a single visit taking only 20 minutes, and we strive to deliver your medical certificate as quickly as possible, certifying it on the same day.

Affordable Pricing

At WellMed Bangkok Clinic, the cost of obtaining a medical certificate certifying your health starts at 200 baht. This competitive pricing ensures that you receive high-quality medical services without straining your budget.

Booking Your Appointment

Scheduling an appointment for your medical examination at WellMed Bangkok Clinic is simple. You can book an appointment via our website or contact us directly by phone or email to book a convenient time.

Our friendly staff will guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

Frequency Asked Question

You can obtain or renew a medical certificate for a work permit in Thailand from a hospital or clinic recognized by the authorities.

You should provide a medical certificate for a work permit in Thailand at least 1 month before submitting your work permit application to the Foreign Workers Administration Office.

No, a medical certificate for a work permit must be issued by a hospital or clinic approved by the authorities in Thailand.

The doctor will examine the patient and assess their medical condition to determine if they are fit to work. The doctor’s evaluation is crucial in the issuance of the medical certificate.

The fee for a medical certificate for a work permit at The Wellmed Bangkok Clinic is 200 THB. And can be done in 20 mins.

The medical certificate for a work permit is specific to work-related matters and may not be valid for obtaining a driver’s license. You may need a separate medical certificate for other purposes.

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