Medical Certificate for
Driving License

Medical Certificate for Driving License in Thailand

Obtaining a drivers license in Thailand requires several essential steps, including securing a medical certificate from a recognized hospital or clinic.

At WellMed Bangkok Clinic, we understand the importance of this document in your application process and are committed to making it as easy and efficient as possible by offering online appointment scheduling.

Medical Certificate for Driving License

Why a Medical Certificate for Driving License is Necessary

A medical certificate is a mandatory requirement for all individuals applying for a driving license in Thailand, whether it be for a local or an international driver’s permit.

This certificate ensures that the applicant is free from certain medical conditions that could impair their ability to drive safely on the road. By obtaining this certificate, you comply with Thailand’s health and safety regulations, facilitating a smooth application process. Note that the medical certificate must be issued not more than 1 month before the driving license application submission.

Comprehensive Medical Evaluation

WellMed Bangkok Clinic is a licensed medical facility where our experienced healthcare professionals conduct thorough medical evaluations specifically designed for driving license applications.

The Evaluation Process

The medical evaluation for a driving license in Thailand involves screening for several specific conditions, to meet regulatory requirements. These conditions include:

The evaluation includes a general physical check-up without the need for any blood tests. Our doctors will review your medical history and address any existing health concerns you may have, helping prepare all necessary documentation.

This process is designed to be quick and efficient, ensuring you receive your medical certificate in a timely manner. 

Get Your Medical Certificate in Minutes!

We prioritize your convenience by offering flexible appointment scheduling and rapid service, making it easy to prepare for your application. Our streamlined process ensures you receive your medical certificate within the same visit, typically taking only 20 minutes.  This keeps your driver’s license application process moving smoothly, whether you are applying locally or for an international license.

Affordable Pricing

At WellMed Bangkok Clinic, the cost of obtaining a medical certificate for a driving license starts at 200 baht. This competitive pricing ensures you receive high-quality medical services without straining your budget.

Booking Your Appointment

Scheduling an appointment for your medical examination at WellMed Bangkok Clinic is simple. You can book an appointment via our website or contact us directly by phone or email to book a convenient time.

Our friendly staff will guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

Frequency Asked Question

To obtain a medical certificate for Medical Certificate for Driving License at WellMed Bangkok clinic, you can visit our clinic that is authorized by the Department of Land Transport (DLT) to provide this service. Make sure to bring along any necessary documents such as your ID, passport, or previous medical records.

The medical certificate is a document required by the DLT to ensure that you are fit to drive and do not have any medical conditions that may affect your driving ability. It is an essential part of the process of obtaining or renewing a Thai driver’s license.

The DLT requires a medical certificate to assess the physical and mental fitness of drivers to ensure safe driving on the roads. This helps in preventing any accidents that may occur due to health-related issues.

No, you can only obtain a medical certificate for a Thai driver’s license at clinics that are authorized by the DLT to provide this service. Make sure to check if the clinic you choose is approved by the DLT.

The process of getting a medical certificate at The WellMed Bangkok clinic is usually quick and straightforward. It typically takes a short amount of time, and you may receive your certificate on the same day of your visit.

The cost of obtaining a medical certificate at WellMed Bangkok clinic is 200 THB

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