Health check up

Keep up your health in an optimal condition with Wellmed Clinic, offering thorough health check-up services by trusted medical professionals

Scope of Service For Health check up

Regular health check up are crucial for early disease detection and promoting overall well-being. our health check-up service covers a wide range of tests and assessments to give you a complete picture of your health. Contact Us Today

  • We have an access to over 1,000 laboratory tests, including both routine and specialized exams for medical check up
  • Patients receive their lab results and a doctor’s recommendations via email
health check up

Preparing yourself before a health check Up

Preparing for a health check up helps ensure accurate results and enables the medical team to fully assess your health status. It also saves time and leads to a more efficient check up experience.

  • Bringing a list of current medications and medical history is suggested
  • Having a pre-appointment conversation with the doctor regarding health concerns to be addressed is beneficial

It varies based on the type of test. Most tests don’t require fasting, however, some may have specific requirements, such as glucose test, lipid test and iron test.

Wear comfortable clothing with short sleeves for blood tests. And Bring ID such as passport for registration purposes.

It’s advisable to have a physical checkup even if you don’t have symptoms, as some diseases can be detected early. At Wellmed Clinic, you can consult a doctor to discuss your medical history and receive personalized advice on what to check. Alternatively, you can check our health checkup packages at [pending URL].