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Sexual Health

Chlamydia: Understanding The Silent Infection And Its Impact

Chlamydia stands as a common bacterial infection caused by the bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis. Predominantly transmitted through sexual contact, this infection spreads when individuals engage in unprotected sex, encompassing vaginal, anal, or oral routes, or through the sharing of sexual toys that haven’t been properly cleaned or covered with a new condom with each use. Notably silent, many infected individuals may not exhibit symptoms, underscoring the importance of regular screening to prevent its spread and avoid potential health complications. Given its silent nature, awareness and education on safe sexual practices and the significance of periodic testing are pivotal in controlling its spread and safeguarding public health.

Sexual Health

What Are the Most Common STDs in Thailand?

Each STD has its unique mode of transmission, symptoms, and health implications. Some of the most common STDs include Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, HIV/AIDS, and Hepatitis B and C, each posing distinct challenges in diagnosis and treatment.

Sexual Health

Understanding Hepatitis C: A Comprehensive Guide

Hepatitis C, while not primarily categorized as a sexually transmitted disease (STD), presents a notable risk of transmission through sexual contact. This risk escalates particularly in scenarios involving the presence of blood, such as open wounds.

Sexual Health

Confidential STD Testing In Bangkok: Safeguarding Your Privacy

Awareness is a crucial weapon in the battle against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), especially in a bustling metropolis like Bangkok. Understanding the most common STDs in the area, their symptoms, and available treatment options is essential for effective prevention and treatment

Hepatitis B A Comprehensive Guide to Awareness, Symptoms, and Treatment
Sexual Health

Hepatitis B: A Comprehensive Guide To Awareness, Symptoms, And Treatment

In an era where global health is more important than ever, Hepatitis B emerges as a significant concern, especially in regions like Asia and Africa. Our latest blog post, “Hepatitis B Unveiled: Understanding and Managing the Silent Liver Threat,” dives deep into this liver-targeting viral infection caused by the Hepatitis B virus (HBV). We explore its transmission, asymptomatic nature, and the crucial role of early detection and intervention.

Sexual Health

Understanding STI Testing In Bangkok

Embracing Sexual Health: The Role of STD Testing in Modern Bangkok,” we delve into the crucial role of STD testing in urban settings like Bangkok. Our article highlights the importance of regular testing as a cornerstone of responsible living in a bustling metropolis. At WellMed Clinic, we encounter a variety of patients, each with their unique stories and concerns.

Sexual Health

Understanding HIV: Your Questions Answered

In the bustling heart of Bangkok, WellMed Clinic stands as a beacon of hope and knowledge, offering comprehensive HIV services. With a focus on prevention, testing, and treatment, we empower individuals to take control of their health. Our dedicated healthcare professionals are committed to providing confidential and compassionate care. Choose WellMed Clinic to prioritize your well-being and live a healthy life.

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