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Are you suffering from Bangkok Belly?

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Traveler's diarrhea

You’ve most likely experienced a sick stomach if you’ve ever traveled to another country. It’s not uncommon for Thailand’s travelers to get affected with Bangkok Belly, although locals and expats experience sickness from time to time, too. Acquire knowledge and take instructions regarding the causes of the sick belly, its symptoms, and when to take precautions. 

  • Exploring the origins of Bangkok Belly
  • Unveiling the symptoms
  • Essential Precautions to prevent from Bangkok Belly

Explore the origins and causes of Bangkok Belly

Traveler’s diarrhea, commonly known as diarrhea, it’s a digestive tract disorder that is caused by consumption of food or water contaminated with fecal-borne microorganisms. While bacteria, notably E. Coli are the primary reason, viruses and parasites can also be responsible for the sickness. Bangkok Belly tends to strike when factors like jet lag, travel-related stress, and significant dietary alterations come into play, creating the perfect storm for this condition.

Visiting your selected destinations with dissimilar sanitation standards and conditions compared to your home environment heightens the risk of developing traveler’s diarrhea. Infected individuals often employ inadequate hygiene practices, which serves as a means to transmit the disease-causing microorganisms responsible for gastrointestinal discomfort. The leading factors contributing to traveler’s diarrhea are likely lack of hand washing and poor food handling and preparation techniques.

Unveiling symptoms

The primary indication or symptom of Bangkok Belly is loose stools. This typically accompanied by the sudden onset of three or more such episodes per day or unexpected urges to use the bathroom. These stools may exhibit a soft or watery consistency and could possibly contain traces of blood or pus.

Additional symptoms include abdominal pain, feelings of nausea, instances of vomiting, an urgent need to pass stool, headache, and occasionally, the development of fever. In the majority of cases, there is a noticeable improvement within one or three days.

Though complications are rare, sometimes they can occur due to the loss of fluids and minerals caused by profuse diarrhea and recurrent vomiting, leading to severe dehydration that may require hospitalization.

So, it is important to recognize early signs of Sick Belly or Bangkok Belly to take step towards your wellness. The early signs which could be:

  • Increased thirst
  • Dry mouth
  • Decreased urination with dark urine and intense weakness. 

You should take steps especially if it happens in children, elderly, or individuals with chronic underlying diseases. If traveler’s diarrhea or a Sick Belly left untreated in any case, it could lead to dehydration and loss of important electrolytes from your immune system.

Essential Precautions to prevent from Bangkok Belly

Food and Drinks

Foods and drinks are very basic which we want in our life and some people are way too adventurous to taste different kinds of foods and drinks which can sometimes lead to a sick belly.

You should choose your food very wisely, eat at hygienic places like restaurants where foods are neatly cooked and served hot directly. Prevent yourself from eating buffet foods, try eating fruits and vegetables that are washed with clean water or peeled freshly.

bangkok belly signs symptoms and treatment

You should only drink beverages which come in sealed containers and not been too long in the shop as well as cold things like ice creams or ice which is made from unclean water and used at the shop.

Use Washed Hands

Avoid cooking and eating with unwashed or dirty hands. Washing hands with soap and water, before eating food or cooking food is the important key to proper hygiene. If soap or water aren’t available, use alcohol or hand sanitizer to prevent bacteria on your hand. In general, keep your hand away from your mouth to be safe from germs.

Other Suggestions

If you are suffering from Bangkok Belly, it’s crucial to stay hydrated by drinking lots of fluid. We recommend using oral rehydration solution (ORS), which is available online or in pharmacies. In more serious situations, such as frequent diarrhea or if you’re unable to drink enough, consider visiting a nearby clinic or hospital for intravenous (IV) fluid therapy.

Take antibiotics only if necessary

Some travelers bring antibiotics from their country, but they should be used only in some cases. If you are not sure about taking antibiotics, you can consult with a doctor in your area. It is especially important for susceptible individuals to see a doctor for a proper evaluation and treatment.

Although as we all know Thailand foods, especially street foods are one of the adventures and a thrilling experience for travelers. You need to be cautious with all the unfavorable reasons for Bangkok Belly or Travelers Diarrhea.

For more understanding about food poisoning and sick belly, you can read all explanations, information with all the detailed causes, and differences. Wellmed Bangkok Clinic provides testing and treatments with its best facilities. Our team is available around the clock, and you can contact us at +66 61 787 4000, 24/7, for assistance.

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