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WellMed Bangkok Clinic

3 mins walk from BTS Asok, MRT Sukhumvit
Vasu 1 building, Sukhumvit soi 25, Bangkok, Thailand >> Google Map <<

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We provide medical services for everyone with safety, care and high quality

With a commitment to safety, care, and high-quality medical services, we cater to patients from around the world. Our experienced team is fluent in English, Spanish, and Thai, ensuring clear communication and personalized care for all.

We strive to create an eco-friendly environment that provides comfort and relaxation during your visit. Whether you seek routine care or specific medical attention, our team is dedicated to empowering you with lasting health and well-being. Choose WellMed Bangkok Clinic for excellence in medical care and experience wellness like never before.


Explore our medical packages, designed to provide you with convenient and affordable access to essential health services.

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WellMed Bangkok Clinic
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marcel smithmarcel smith
04:32 11 Jul 24
Very friendly and helpful staff
Shaquille MandyShaquille Mandy
10:07 10 Jul 24
Great prices compared to other clinics, staff very cute
Martin JarrossonMartin Jarrosson
08:51 10 Jul 24
I very highly recommend this clinic to which I accompanied a friend. The staff is very professional, adorable, very smiling, attentive and caring. They were able to advise us and direct my friends where needed. Unlike my last experiences in France, we had a very good time in this clinic.
Good service, very polite staff
Louis CalderonLouis Calderon
03:34 09 Jul 24
Very welcoming and professional!
Dakota SukoDakota Suko
09:19 08 Jul 24
Quick and easy stop to do a medical exam for Thai drivers license! Staff was kind and easy to speak to. Would definitely recommend to anyone visiting/or is a resident!
Lizzy NguyenLizzy Nguyen
08:02 08 Jul 24
Had an absolutely wonderful experience. We did a walk in and were tended to immediately! Clean location and super friendly staff. Would recommend to foreigners 🙂
Tiffany MitchellTiffany Mitchell
08:01 08 Jul 24
04:36 08 Jul 24
Recommended. International travellers friendly. Quick and professional care!
09:27 05 Jul 24
Very friendly and helpful
Leena BhandariLeena Bhandari
02:07 05 Jul 24
Jan ShopJan Shop
08:10 04 Jul 24
All the doctors and nurses took very good care of me and gave me very good advice.
Minh ThuMinh Thu
07:02 03 Jul 24
Service is good and staff so friendly
A very nice clinic, it's just 10 mins walk from asok station. The staff are very attentive and gentle also with patients the needed medical attention.
saeed al-alisaeed al-ali
05:19 02 Jul 24
One of the best clinics I have visited in Thailand, the medical staff is professional and kind, moreover the doctor is very skilled and their prices are reasonable.
mofareh -mofareh -
05:11 02 Jul 24
The medical staff is very nice, their manners are wonderful, they are cooperative, and the prices are very good. Thank you to the doctor and medical staff 🤲🏻
Al-adzhar BensaliAl-adzhar Bensali
07:00 30 Jun 24
The staff is accommodating 👍
Gaetan MocciGaetan Mocci
06:45 30 Jun 24
Amazing time ...super friendly staff
Noi sirisanNoi sirisan
10:46 29 Jun 24
Doctor explained very well so i can understand and know what to do for next time
Alexander Duckworth-HuAlexander Duckworth-Hu
07:58 29 Jun 24
Really great service from the doctor and the staff, had an amazing discount for the health checkup and got a referral to a hospital
10:16 28 Jun 24
17 Onsicha Chachangram17 Onsicha Chachangram
10:16 28 Jun 24
Clean, great service
Roman SteeinerRoman Steeiner
10:16 28 Jun 24
The clinic is clean and the staff are very nice.
Kevin Shee KhuKevin Shee Khu
07:55 28 Jun 24
Doctor is so patient and professional.I recommend this Clinic.Thank you so much team!!!!
cathy gascoynecathy gascoyne
04:27 28 Jun 24
John RobertJohn Robert
12:55 27 Jun 24
Delightful customer service, warm consultation and proficient blood test pratice. For my case, it took around 30 mins to finish from registration to blood taking out process including consultation with doctor and I took the booking one day in advance.
05:18 27 Jun 24
The staff are polite and give very good attention.
Srisuda WiangnonSrisuda Wiangnon
07:04 26 Jun 24
Provide very good service and advice. Stamped for the first time that came with Thank you everyone 👍🙏
15:04 25 Jun 24
Inside the clinic looks clean. The nurse gives advice Explains the details very well. The important thing is that the injection is very gentle. Overall, I'm impressed.
The doctors and nurses here are lovely. Check and report symptoms quickly
Bart VdhBart Vdh
03:06 25 Jun 24
Wellmed Clinic. Great place. Wonderful staff.
The staff are very cute. Smiling and cheerful, good service, works quickly.
Swati GuptaSwati Gupta
08:24 23 Jun 24
The staff is friendly and the doc is good. I definitely recommend this clinic.
PRIM TH. (Millie)PRIM TH. (Millie)
07:31 23 Jun 24
A really easy process and good experience. I found the clinic online (google) and made an appointment. I waited probably 15minutes for the appointment and everyone was professional and polite. so I was thankful for how easy it was. I'd recommend them and would go back if needed
שחר ליברמןשחר ליברמן
06:43 23 Jun 24
Nice, helpful and very professional staff
Tal LibermanTal Liberman
06:43 23 Jun 24
Amazing staff, attentive and explains everything about the treatment 🙂
Sumesh maniSumesh mani
05:06 22 Jun 24
Very good service, friendly front desk staff , I went without appointments but still they able to accommodate me . Experienced doctors, I able to get relief of my problem with in one day which was chronic issue .. talented nurse who windrow my blood without pain or too meany pricking..I truly recommend this clinic .
10:09 21 Jun 24
So lucky to find WellMed. Great doctor and saw me very quickly.
08:11 21 Jun 24
Great service, fast and attentive
barbara alexanderbarbara alexander
03:58 21 Jun 24
Dr Tulaton is amazing - this clinic is so clean , the service is quick and professional & the care is better than any i have received in the USA . If you are feeling unwell this is the beat clinic in Bangkok
Jane SennarJane Sennar
04:08 20 Jun 24
Amazing customer service from the staff. From the first query they were patient to solve all my concerns. Being new to Thailand this was very important to give me confidence and know what to expect. Communication was polite and efficient through the whole process.Definitely recommend this place for foreigners visiting Bangkok and needing some medical advise or prescription medication.
Xan JimenezXan Jimenez
09:36 19 Jun 24
If you’re around the Bangkok city center this is the best clinic to go. Everyone is really friendly and foreigner friendly! All the best service!
06:33 19 Jun 24
Everyone there speaks good english and are very helpful. Was able to receive the documents required for insurance
13:07 18 Jun 24
An excellent clinic with great staff.Quick medical test and cheap prices.Definitely recommended.
Toni KrauseToni Krause
03:47 16 Jun 24
Went in for consultation this morning.Very friendly English speaking staff. I felt very comfortable getting all the information I needed by a professional team. I would visit any time again.
18:04 15 Jun 24
I visited this clinic last week for some skin troubles from the hot humid climate. The entire process from booking the appointment on LINE to actually coming in was perfectly smooth and everyone I interacted with spoke great English! The doctor who saw me was patient and friendly, and gave me medicine that fixed my condition in just a few days. I would definitely return again next time I'm unwell. Thank you!
Lovely Rose PescadorLovely Rose Pescador
03:19 15 Jun 24
WellMed Clinic is really awesome. Their staff is very accommodating and WELL knowledgable. Highly recommended 💯
The doctor was very gentle. It didn't hurt at all. I went to get the birth control injection. The doctor spoke nicely.
Debra Kim LiwiskiDebra Kim Liwiski
08:07 11 Jun 24
Lovely staff and doctor 🤩
Toe Myint NaingToe Myint Naing
07:14 10 Jun 24
Able to speak English. Suit for foreigners.Dr provided after clinic medical follow up via email.Highly recommended
10:16 08 Jun 24
Oomsin AtikanOomsin Atikan
04:38 08 Jun 24
The staff are lovely, the service is very good, the nurse is very gentle.
Alexander AlarifAlexander Alarif
10:12 07 Jun 24
Good place
Aakash KapoorAakash Kapoor
07:38 07 Jun 24
The staff is very helpful and professional they always give customer there full attention and I recommend them always
Annarosa IammarroneAnnarosa Iammarrone
05:13 07 Jun 24
My boyfriend and I came to get the Japanese Encephalitis vaccine. We had the appointment at 5:30 p.m., but we met there before and then we went earlier and they attended to us anyway and very quickly. The doctor and the staff are very friendly.All very well! I recommend it!
Ramu ParimiRamu Parimi
03:14 07 Jun 24
Excellent service. Very friendly and co-operative staff. Well explained the precautions pre and post vaccination.
Dino SharabanyDino Sharabany
10:09 05 Jun 24
Great service!
Adam DAdam D
08:48 05 Jun 24
Courteous staff with excellent service.If you need to see a doctor in Bangkok and speak english, come here.You won't have any issues with language and both the doctors and front desk staff are polite and very friendly.
Abdullah Al RifatAbdullah Al Rifat
02:20 05 Jun 24
Staff was really nice and helpful. Place was clean. I took some vaccine and the service was good.
Jasmin CollardJasmin Collard
08:19 04 Jun 24
very nice doctor, nurses and staff. was seen very quickly. All medication was explained to me. Would go again if needed to
Hnin Myat WaiHnin Myat Wai
06:24 02 Jun 24
Good Clinic for foreigners 🤩Easy to take communication also with English.Doctor is also cute and smart!
Candela VillarrealCandela Villarreal
03:48 02 Jun 24
Great clinic! I contacted them for a dengue fever vaccine and was able to come in the next day. The nurse who gave me the injection was so good that I didn’t even feel it. This is also the only clinic in the area that doesn’t charge any extra or hidden fees, you only pay the price of the vaccine. Thank you ladies for taking care of me!
Tmx ChangTmx Chang
03:11 02 Jun 24
Samantha RakoczySamantha Rakoczy
17:55 21 May 24
Doctors and staff are incredibly professional and kind. I went daily for wound care during my time in Bangkok. They were thorough, efficient and I highly recommend to anyone looking for medical care while in Bangkok.
Edith ClaudEdith Claud
10:33 20 May 24
The nurses and doctors communicated fluently in English, answering all my questions with clarity. Both the medical staff and nurses were approachable and made me feel comfortable throughout my visit. The clinic was clean, and I appreciated the prompt service. During my blood count test, the nurse was gentle, ensuring a smooth and painless experience. Overall, I had an excellent experience and highly recommend this clinic.
Breanna SwalesBreanna Swales
04:23 18 May 24
Ercan AkmanErcan Akman
07:27 12 May 24
The best service on site. Everyone was personable and friendly. They were very competent. I saved this clinic. If I ever get sick again, this is the first place I'll come. Thanks to the whole team☺️👍
Ravindra RupasingheRavindra Rupasinghe
08:12 04 May 24
The best service and good price for check up and all service ,staff super friendly and professional of medical team .I’m recommended this.
Janelle ChoiJanelle Choi
08:40 27 Apr 24
Great service, friendly and helpful staff. I messaged them on Line to make an appointment and was able to see the doctor really quickly. Overall a really pleasant and convenient clinic experience!
The receptionist provides very good service. The staff who gave the Dtap vaccine gave the injection very lightly, didn't feel any pain at all, which was great.
Christian CrucilloChristian Crucillo
02:02 22 Apr 24
Fast and Cheap...Highly recommended!!!
06:57 21 Apr 24
There is a nurse who speaks a little bit of ChineseThe doctor will also translate slowlyfeels goodThe doctor's consultation fee is 700-1000, and they will also ask if it is OK.
Monthita ChuanchitMonthita Chuanchit
09:37 19 Apr 24
Recommended. Good service and very helpful
Max BauschMax Bausch
04:38 17 Apr 24
very professional clinic and very informative staff. came for japanese encephalitis vaccine and they provide the IMOJEV 1 shot. very happy!
Marielle MarkovitzMarielle Markovitz
04:37 17 Apr 24
Dynnaro YouDynnaro You
03:31 16 Apr 24
They really helped and reassured me when I burned myself during Songkran. Would highly recommend coming here, especially when dressing the wounds. Highly professional
Daniel WirthDaniel Wirth
04:57 15 Apr 24
Had an acute Tonsilitis and we got an appointment in 2 hours when we showed up.The workers spoke the best English I heard in Thailand tbh and the overall treatment (including medication for pain and antibiotics) was less than 30 €/$.Life saver 🙂
Jiabin TangJiabin Tang
13:00 13 Apr 24
Very responsive clinic. I hurt my toe yesterday and thought I should see the doc as the pain was on and off after applying the on the shelf cream. I pinged them after office hours but the person on the other side responded quite fast. They understand English so you so dont have to worry about language barrier.It was the first day of Songkran but seeing the doctor was a fast wait after the registration which also took minutes.The doctor herself speaks English well. Had just taken the meds and should be okay.Thanks team for the good job! Appreciate your help to this farang ☺️
arjun soodarjun sood
07:17 13 Apr 24
The staff is amazing. Always prompt and genuine. Khun Emma , Khun Bus and Khun Sia went out of their way . Third time here . Very clean and reasonably priced.
Julia LJulia L
01:37 13 Apr 24
I was very sick and as a foreign tourist felt a bit unsure navigating the medical system in Bangkok. WellMed Clinic were fantastic, I was able to make a booking on the day through wattsapp. Everything was very easy and in English and I felt the check up was thorough and appropriate medications were prescribed. Within 2 days I was feeling on the mend. I really appreciate the doctor and nurses. Thanks!
Chase CChase C
03:45 11 Apr 24
This clinic is amazing!!! Amazing people!! They fixed me up and sent me on my way!! So happy with the service!!!
Alfred Siu Chun OrAlfred Siu Chun Or
08:24 10 Apr 24
Staff are very friendly and super helpful. I would recommend this clinic definitely if you are a tourist in the Asok district.My son who was 4 years old was sick while we were on a family trip to Bangkok. We didn’t make an appointment and went there as walk-in customer on a Saturday morning. All the staff there can speak English very well and greeted us. We only waited for 10 mins before seeing the doctor. The doctor was very patient and did all the necessary examinations. After that, the doctor suggested we did a RAT test to check what kind of viruses my son got. Doctor was not very pushy on this. The staff are very attentive to my son and he received a lot of stickers from the team.We eventually got a lot of medicine and the cost is reasonable (about USD 50). After I returned to my hometown and I was trying to file a medical insurance, we found some missing information on the receipt. I immediately emailed the team to ask for a revised copy and it was provided prompt. Thanks so much to the team.
05:24 04 Apr 24
The officer gave a very good explanation.very light handLocation is good
Natsuki KNatsuki K
05:23 04 Apr 24
The officer gave a very good explanation.very light handLocation is good
yothin koyothin ko
04:57 04 Apr 24
Fast and polite service
Kate RiceKate Rice
09:49 01 Apr 24
Visited for a sinus infection; the nurses and doctors were very kind and helpful. ❤️🙏 The treatment was fast, and the price was great.
Phongsiri TonabutPhongsiri Tonabut
03:22 01 Apr 24
Good service and very kind staff
Gautier BrossetGautier Brosset
12:00 31 Mar 24
Good advice from doctors who apply first aidThe staff is competentI recommend
All the team was helpful and kind.Perfectly explained the process and we're always listening.
Eugenia SusanEugenia Susan
03:57 30 Mar 24
Staff are v friendly and careful for my wound dressing. Doctor also v knowledgable. Pleasant experience here. Recommended clinic!
Kraivin ChayangpathKraivin Chayangpath
08:44 29 Mar 24
Good serviceKind nurses
Schirin SchettSchirin Schett
07:48 29 Mar 24
Manlika WannasinManlika Wannasin
04:53 29 Mar 24
Come to check up and staff here are very supportive and nice 😊
Tamas TothTamas Toth
11:07 28 Mar 24
Really professional place.I have one negative observation only:when the nurses/staff talked to patients in the waiting room / reception area, I could overhear medications or medical conditions they were prescribing/treating. This should be addressed as this is a potential privacy concern. Other than that, top-notch service.
Ruben De RooverRuben De Roover
07:48 28 Mar 24
Nice experience, staff is very friendly and professional. Had an appointment at 1 o'clock in the afternoon, and I was helped at exactly that time. The doctor took his time to examine me thoroughly and to answer my questions. Staff also speak perfect English.
Donald McVayDonald McVay
10:16 27 Mar 24
Went here to get a medical certificate for driving license renewal. Everything was accomplished quickly and service was excellent.
Merkels TangaMerkels Tanga
05:28 25 Mar 24
Elemental FishermanElemental Fisherman
10:55 23 Mar 24
Really great doctor and staff , were very understanding and professional
Sean CoyleSean Coyle
06:16 23 Mar 24
Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Fantastic english skills. They were super helpful. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone, not a native of Thailand.
Lejon official channelLejon official channel
10:55 21 Mar 24
Extremly good service for the price it is almost unbelivable!!!
Victor ManuelVictor Manuel
11:33 20 Mar 24
Kevin KKevin K
10:38 20 Mar 24
Got my blood work and vaccines done here. Friendly and professional staff! Didn’t try to sell me stuff I didn’t need, but recommended taking less vaccines instead.
Vincent KwokVincent Kwok
10:30 15 Mar 24
Tylar WilliamsTylar Williams
07:35 14 Mar 24
I had a great visit at this clinic! Everyone was really nice and welcoming. I came in for my birth control shot and was out in minutes. This was the fastest time I’ve ever received service in any clinic so I’m really pleased. I’ll definitely be back and I fully recommend this clinic 😁
Anne KerkhoffAnne Kerkhoff
07:58 12 Mar 24
They couldn't help us medically because we had to see a specialist, but they helped us get an appointment with another doctor. They were super helpful and very friendly
08:26 10 Mar 24
Professional and very friendly staff. I feel better already!
Clair CathroClair Cathro
01:42 10 Mar 24
As a young, female, solo traveller I was very worried about choosing and receiving health care in another country - however the team in this clinic were very professional and showed me exceptional kindness. Very simple walk in appointment, extensive consultation with the doctor, spoke excellent English, and all medication prescribed, explained and collected within the clinic. Less than £100 and all paperwork for insurance was provided. Also given a Whatsapp number to communicate with them if I had any further questions or concerns. If you’re worried, I highly recommend visiting here 🌟
Stella SophiaStella Sophia
05:15 07 Mar 24
Super super nice and caring nurses! 🤍
Jimmie EasleyJimmie Easley
09:23 28 Feb 24
The staff was courteous and friendly. They spoke great English. I would highly recommend them.
Rachel CRachel C
05:29 20 Feb 24
Really kind and attentive staff, exceptionally good at speaking English. You can make an appointment ahead of time as well
Lucas VickersLucas Vickers
09:12 15 Feb 24
Helpful, informative, and good communication. Helped me with back pain after a long flight.
Gabriela JacobsGabriela Jacobs
02:44 13 Feb 24
Can’t recommend this place enough. Great staff, excellent service!
Vadim AvramenkoVadim Avramenko
05:50 12 Feb 24
Very fast and kind service! I really recommend this clinic. The professionals are working there.
I took tests at this clinic.1. At the reception desk everything was explained in normal, understandable English. No additional services were imposed (+1)2. Staff uses removable shoes (+1)3. The nurse who took the blood put on new gloves in front of me (+1)4. During the blood draw, the nurse distracted me with extraneous conversations, I did not notice how everything went. By the way, everything was quite painless and the scar went away in two days (+1)5. After taking the tests, I was told that the result would be in 1-2 days. I received the results neither in three days, nor in a week, but within the specified period and without any additional reminders (+1)6. The results were emailed with the doctor’s comments (+1)It may seem that everything described above is elementary things, but experience has shown that in some other clinics they do not even comply with thisMy only wish to the clinic management: please consider using shoe covers for clients, or ask them to put on replacement slippers or take off street shoes before entering the laboratoryI have got the only suggestion to the management of the clinic. Please, consider using special plastic shoe covers or your slippers for the clients of your clinic, or ask them to take off shoes when entering the lab
Kimmie KukuKimmie Kuku
15:24 02 Feb 24
Firstly, receptionists were very helpful. The property was very clean. Fast and professional service. Super convenient. 🥰
Counter staff The service is very good. And the nurses are very gentle 👍🏻👍🏻
06:36 14 Jan 24
Wellmed Clinic in Bangkok exceeded my expectations in every aspect. From the moment I entered, the staff's courtesy and helpfulness stood out. The clinic's professionalism is unmatched, evident in the exceptional service provided by both the doctor and the nurse.The doctor's expertise and patience during the consultation were truly commendable. Unlike experiences in other clinics, she took the time to explain every detail thoroughly, addressing all my concerns without rushing through the session. This level of personalized care and dedication to ensuring patient understanding is exceptional.The nurse's competence and compassion further enhanced my experience. After blood extractions, she not only skillfully attended to the procedure but also went the extra mile by alleviating any discomfort with a light-hearted demeanor. Her efforts in repeating medication instructions showcased a commitment to comprehensive patient care.What sets Wellmed Clinic apart is the seamless integration of professionalism and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. The staff's proficiency in English adds to the overall comfort for international visitors. The exceptional service and affordability at Wellmed Clinic make it a standout healthcare destination in Bangkok.Comparing this experience to healthcare encounters in Hong Kong, Wellmed Clinic's approach sets a new standard. The combination of expert medical care, attentive service, and cost-effectiveness makes it a remarkable choice for both locals and travelers.In conclusion, I highly recommend Wellmed Clinic for its outstanding healthcare services. The clinic not only provides a level of care rarely found elsewhere but also creates an environment that instills confidence and comfort. My visit to Wellmed Clinic was truly exceptional, making it an essential recommendation for anyone seeking reliable and comprehensive healthcare in Bangkok.
Charn PirapokinCharn Pirapokin
08:18 30 Dec 23
As a local Thai, I never thought in using the service of a clinic. Today I had the opportunity to try the Well Med Clinic in Sukhumvit 25. My first connection was a phone call to inquire the type of service provided and its appropriate cost. The information received was precise and helpful. I later found out that Kim which acted as receptionist cum operator as well as addressing any issue occurred in the clinic. It took me less than an hour to registered as a new patient, two competent nurses to clean up my wounds in professional way, and settle my bill (less than I budgeted for). Well Med Clinic will be my choice for any minor medical care for the future. Keep up the excellent services.
Patty H.Patty H.
09:41 27 Nov 23
I've used this service for the second time, always impressed with it.The staff was very helpful&friendly(Especially A, she is very nice nurse)Today I came to check up and IV drip the doctor gave me good advice and easy to understand.I think the price is reasonable with the service. And most importantly the clinic is very clean.
Dorji -Dorji -
12:14 31 Aug 23
Had a painful sorethroat and I tried this clinic after reading the review. I just wanted to try out.Overall, it was a brief and nice experience.The front desk spoke perfect English, which is good. They were courteous and professional. And told me the consultation fee would be 700-1,000BThe doctor did a quick examination and concluded that it was a viral infection and not bacterial. So, just to manage it with an organic spray, which he prescribed.Unlike the international hospitals there were no charges for taking your temperature and pressure (approx 500B). Just the doctor fee of 700B and not upwards of 1,500B as in the international hospitals.Highly recommended if some seasonal ailments or travel bugs are bothering you. Or as a first stop before you go the super-luxurious hospitals.
07:33 05 Jul 23
Highly recommended for tourists and foreigners. Why? The reception/front desk is possibly the most important factor for non- Thais to prevent any miscommunication. The front desk staff here are really exceptional.- the staff speak English and are patient and experienced. Nurse is super gentle.- the pricing was transparent. The staff provided me price quotations via text message so I knew what to expect- caring staff. They asked me to send photos of my condition so they could prepare better for treatment. They also removed the stitches and changed the dressing so gently that I did not feel any pain.- doctor on duty was also good: asked about my recent medical treatments and gave some recommendations- I made appointment via LINE and didn’t have to wait long.- price was reasonable in my opinion and as per the quotationsFYI I came here to change some dressing on a recent surgery done in another country, and also remove some stitches. Also was prescribed more Anti biotics as precaution as my wound was getting inflamed. I was worried about miscommunications or that the staff would be rough in removing the stitches, but the service exceeded my expectations.I imagine most people would go for simpler treatments, but if they do complicated stuff well, then you are in good hands 🙂
Eden KleimanEden Kleiman
13:22 16 Feb 23
The care here was outstanding. The doctor spoke perfect English and went through everything clearly and in detail. All the staff were also very kind and caring. I made an appointment online and didn’t have to wait at all, very smooth and easy!
Michael CoganMichael Cogan
06:08 03 Dec 22
Very timely and kind staff who speaks English. I went with my wife to get the flu vaccine. We had asked ahead of time via line chat about what brands they had available. When we arrived for our appointment, they remembered that we asked about the brands and let us choose specifically which brand vaccine we wanted to receive. Also the cost was almost half what it is at an international hospital. I will absolutely come here again.
Ying xieng limYing xieng lim
08:36 23 Nov 22
I had bad diarrhea during my trip to Bangkok and I found this clinic with good reviews. The doctor and staffs were friendly, polite, patient and they spoke good English. Which was good for tourists like me.
Colin DaleColin Dale
08:42 02 Nov 22
Walked in to an oasis of tranquility and had an excellent consultation with Dr. Boontanon. Aside from the fact that her English was better than mine, she was considerate, informed and really helpful. Cannot recommend highly enough!
H. JungH. Jung
05:39 15 Aug 22
ATK(RAT) is more expensive than airport clinic, but clean environment and nice staffs make customers happy.
Dylan WongDylan Wong
06:05 11 Jun 22
Very professional doctor and nurses at front desk, all speak very good English. Came here as my daughter has asthma and flu, the doctor examines carefully and asked for details to really get to the root cause, he also patiently explains to us the condition and provided useful tips to care for my daughter. Highly recommended!
Elizabeth PowerElizabeth Power
07:29 28 Mar 22
Tested here for my departure flight to USA. So easy and efficient. Results back within 15mins. Staff were excellent and explained all the requirements so well. I was served by Ploy and she was so awesome!

Welcome to WellMed Clinic Bangkok: Your Gateway to Comprehensive Healthcare

Nestled in the heart of Bangkok, WellMed Clinic caters to both local and international patients with unparalleled medical care. Our clinic is a harmonious blend of modern medical expertise and the warmth of Thai hospitality, making healthcare accessible and comfortable for everyone. With a team of professionals fluent in English, Spanish, and Thai, we ensure that communication is seamless, allowing us to focus on what matters most: your health and well-being.

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WellMed Clinic offers a wide array of medical services, ensuring that your health concerns are addressed promptly and effectively. Our clinic also provides STD/STI testing, COVID-19 testing, vaccinations, and much more, ensuring comprehensive care under one roof. For those who prefer the comfort of their own space, our teleconsultation services offer medical advice and guidance remotely, making quality healthcare more accessible than ever.